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Singles Under Sail
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SUS ~~ Sailabrating on Long Island Sound since 1987

Photos / Videos
SUSers at play on the water and at parties !!

You can't sail?

No problem .. We will set you on the right course .. No experience required .. To join SUS, you only need to be single, serious and smiling .. Many of our members had no clue how to sail .. Be brave .. Take the plunge

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Singles Under Sail is NOT just a singles club... instead …

Singles Under Sail (SUS) is a sailing club for adults – who are also single.

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Experience ranges from absolute beginner to seasoned skipper with a Coast Guard license.  No experience or education is required to join.

We sail Long Island Sound – days, evenings, weekends and multi-week cruises.  Although not a focus of SUS, some members enjoy sailboat racing.

Invited-speaker and social meetings are monthly.

Over a half-dozen parties/events annually – St Patrick’s, season Cast Off, End of Cruise, Halloween, etc.

SUS is a non-profit organization of adult single sailors who participate as skippers and crew in a variety of sailing, educational, social and pre and post season work on boat activities.

We sail from ports in Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County and City Island, NY.  Weekend and day sails usually find us in western Long Island Sound but vacation cruises have taken club members to all of New England's waters and major ports.  We're serious about sailing and our members are expected to have or to develop proficiency in safety and seamanship.


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